“That Little Devil”: A Preface

“Leelzebub” was born on an innocuous day from the mouth of a bookstore coworker who cleverly ran together my name and that of a well-known devil.   The nickname didn’t stick, but I never forgot it, and soon began using it as an online handle in many places:  Not only did it appeal to my sense of creativity and wordplay, but no one else in the world seemed to be using it.  I could register as Leelzebub without needing to add on a string of inane numbers to indicate a distinction between myself and a user of the same name.  I relished its uniqueness, its individualism.

A member of the Net Generation, the Internet has played a significant part in my life.  My first memory of computers is signing on to Prodigy (wiki article) with my father’s ID and being fascinated by the ability to check my horoscope (Virgo!).  In writing this article, I emailed my dad, curious about the specs of our first PC, which he told my mom would be “the last computer we’ll ever need to buy”, on account of it being considered a powerful piece of machinery.  He replied thus: “The first real desktop we bought was a ‘286’ w/40 mb of hard drive and 1 mb of RAM….hard to believe!”  As of November 2010, my Dell Studio 1555 laptop sports a 451 GB hard drive, and 4 GB of RAM, and I know this astounding piece of plastics and metals will be a dinosaur five years from now.

What lives on is the data we generate, floating on the ether between one user and the next.  This data–blog entries, Google docs, tweets, Facebook updates–reflects our passions, our dislikes, the simple minutiae of our life.  This site is my personal addition to the collective and growing consciousness of the world, though it does not strive to be a confessional, but rather a hub for my intellectual pursuits and more intelligent moments of thought.

Let’s begin.

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