5-Card Story: “The Rest of the Day in Different Worlds”

A 5-Card Story

I found this writing exercise via Jim Groom’s Digital Storytelling class.  Students find five photos and then create a story from them. Sounded like fun…

"Panzerfaust Attacke"


869 Paris-Marais

Photo by Voyageur Solitaire-mladjenovic_n

wallpaper - The ISLAND

Photo by balt-arts

Alice in Wonderland: White Rabbit - Who Killed Time?

Photo by Brandon Christopher Warren

Park – Parque del Campo Grande, Valladolid (Spain) HDR

Photo by marcp_dmoz

Today began as a battle.  My four year old son and I hiked the hill and strategized like generals, plotting the submission of the lake to our miniature, plastic forces.  We pursued conquest like hunting hounds until our stomachs began to growl, and we remembered that even the dogs of war must be fed.  His mother threw meat sandwiches into our yapping mouths, and reminded the pup he had homework.

While the afternoon was new, I shouldered my tan canvas messenger bag and took the long way to town, stopping now and then to sketch out the birds I saw chirping their calls from ancient yews and towering bay laurels.   My legs are strong, however, and carried me to the library within the hour.

I greeted the shopkeep, kippah firmly applied to his head, and spent the rest of the day in different worlds.

The first of my creations was floating continent, vast and mysterious.  Dragons lived in this world, and magic, and adventure beyond dreaming.  Steps there must be tread carefully.

The second was a place of time–of no time.  A place littered with clocks, all of them meaningless.  I met a girl there, with skin as pale as the surface of the moon, who talked of rabbits and played cards.

The third world was my favorite.  It is the world to which I always return.  For this one, I forsook words and simply drew, straining to capture the photograph in my head.  This world is a real one, and so more tantalizing.  I dream of taking my son to see the lake where I used to play.

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