Cat Brigade: A Challenger Appears!

New addition to the brigade.  I think this is the one I saw the other night and confused for Tiger.  This cat is not Tiger, and instead of being orange, like I originally thought, she’s a mix of grays.

CB: A Challenger Appears!

A Challenger Appears!

I’ve only seen her at night thus far.  Again, very skittish, but I was patient.  The Calico and I go through the same routine I adopted for the gray:  I put out some food, wait for them to come, then move the dish closer and closer to the door.  When they shy away, I’ll throw out some treats.  I’m not concerned they will turn away because most of the time they are so hungry.  As predicted, the gray was swayed by the food and the warmth of the apartment.  I actually scooted the dish all the way past the sliding door!

Of course, I had to stay very, very still through all of this.  I don’t think I moved for almost thirty minutes; my neck still kind of aches.  It was cool, and worth it, though, because she came inside, sniffed around, and even jumped on the brown box next to the door before leaving!  How cool is that?

It was actually the Calico that first came by for dinner this evening.  She’s growing better accustomed to me, though she swiped at me when I moved some of the dry food that had spilled on the ground into the dish.  She  nicked me.

Abused Left Hand

You can see the three red slices on my index finger where she got me. The other wounds are from moving and such: Scrape on my index, scratches on my thumb.

My hands have taken all kinds of abuse this past week.  Most are due to moving: I scraped some skin of my left index finger (the big blotch in the photo) putting dishes away; my knuckles are chapped from the weather; and the back of my thumb’s got scratches from who-knows-where doing who-knows-what.  My right hand isn’t any better… I whacked it good on a piece of furniture.

Anyway, that’s all that’s new today about the Cat Brigade.

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