Diving In Cenotes

In Mexico, an old cenote marks
The death of dinosaurs, where rocks from space
Began an icy age.  I visited the place
In younger days, beheld a pool opaque.

I dove beneath its tranquil, ancient skin,
A trespasser, pursuing pooling depths.
Although I held my breath and wished for fins,
The fathoms ensured its secrets were kept.

In you, I met my own cenote, wide
Across, but knew the sorry shallow banks
Of my heart.  Without a doubt I would provide
You disappointment, sadness.  It was a mistake:

I reached for sand, and found the well was deep.
This lake is endless, bountiful, replete.

By:  Leighanne Ellis

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One Response to “Diving In Cenotes”

  1. smallsurvivor Says:

    Great imagry but I was left wanting more. The cenotes are beautiful and you can really describe them more. Also I was a little confused…you compare the endlessness of the cenotes (which I thought was good) to a relationship (has it gone bad or is bad?)…I think you can elaborate more.