A Guac Success!

It was, actually.  A success with all the enthusiasm of Borat’s catchphrase.

Borat Great Success

Living on my own has taught me an important lesson: I have to feed myself, myself.  And I’m a picky person without a lot of free cash–no frequent eating out, even if I wanted to, which I don’t, because ew.  What I really want is my mom’s cooking, and I want it like I used to have it: Magically appearing on my plate every evening.

Sadly, see aforementioned lesson.

Conclusion: I need to learn to cook.

I don’t like to cook.  Largely because I’ve been spoiled, and I do it when I’m already hungry.  Bad combination! Not to mention the dishes, the mess you have to clean up, all on your own!  Cleaning up really sucks when the food you just made wasn’t even appetizing.

Tragically, life forced my hand.  Also, my boyfriend mentioned that it would be nice if I knew the basics; he’s a good cook already, and I don’t want him to be forced into the permanent role of house chef. So I’m being a good person and an adult (and making sure I don’t starve) by pulling out the pots and pans more, microwaving less.

I noticed that planning meals in advance is useful and takes the stress out of coming home hungry.  So that’s being worked on.  The other

problem I frequently run into is creating side dishes.  I’m a vegetarian who grew up eating meat; the food that made up the side course have, over these last few years, become my main dish.  What the heck do I supplement my angel hair pasta with, now?  It used to be chicken… and pasta.  Now it’s pasta… and ???.

Yesterday’s dinner plans involved microwaving an Amys burrito, but I had nothing to go with it.  A co-worker helpfully suggested that I get some guacamole and chips to go with it.  Turns out, he meant getting the guac pre-packaged, but I thought he meant making it myself.  By  the time it was clear, I’d already psyched myself up and located a recipe.

Luckily, making guacamole isn’t that difficult!  With help from my friend and roommate, we successfully created a delicious addition to the main meal.  Maybe the burrito was microwaved, but I’m on my way, people!

You might think 400 words is a bit much to rave about how I made guacamole.  You obviously do not know me.

Making the Guacamole

Making the Guacamole

The Guac Is Done!

The Finished Product!

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