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ENGL 302: “In the Garden” & the Writing Process

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

I’d like to share on this blog some of my writing process.  When I went to write the short piece “In the Garden” for ENGL302, I was having a hard time visualizing the location.  Since I did not want the reader to feel as if the surroundings were “floaty”, I realized that I would need to know exactly where they were myself.  I’m also trying to be a better artist–I’m terrible at it–so I thought it would be a real help to sketch out the area.  Below, you can see what I created.  It ultimately aided me greatly when I went to write the exercise (not that the exercise was a standout).

Sketch for "In the Garden"

I found that creating supplemental pieces like this are immensely useful last semester, when I had to use Inform7 for my Electronic Literature course (taught by Professor Zach Whalen).

It’s also interesting to compare what I sketched & what was written.  Everything is a draft until the submitted work.