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Inky Crash

Thursday, March 10th, 2011
Ink Truck Crash

The Real Ink Truck Crash

An ink truck driver misjudged the height of his truck, and voila! A mess on I-95 near Boston.  (Clicking on the picture will take you to the article.)

Probably bad for the environment.  Mostly, though, I’m thinking how cool would be if we commissioned people to legally splatter paint on bridges like this.  I’d appreciate the much prettier drive.

Actually, I would love it if UMW covered some of its bland hallways with murals or some such.  Get students busy on campus, even involve the Art department.

How exactly would I get this to happen?

DTLT Magnet Poetry

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

I was taking a moment’s worth of break from data inputting at DTLT yesterday, and decided to mix and match some of the magnet words they have stuck up on a shelf.

Mashups Leverage

Net-Gen Global Culture

Evolve the Vision

Higher Source

Troutfang: Warrior Cat

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Would you all please give a warm welcome to the newest member of the Ellis-Swanson household!

Troutfang the Warrior Cat

Troutfang the Warrior Cat

We met this little cutie at PetSmart after weeks of searching.  Shannon (visit her at Ludo Ergo Sum) and I did a lot of searching and emailing on Craigslist, although I was skeptical of getting a cat from there.  Ideally, I wanted a kitten or young cat that had already been spayed/neutered, was up-to-date on its shots, and litter box trained.  (Originally, I wanted the cat declawed, but I did my research and came around.) Hey, I’ve always had high standards.  Plus, I’m poor.  Not poor enough to be unable to care for and feed a cat, but perhaps too poor to provide a lot of veterinary care for it.

I feel pretty bad about that, frankly.  If this cat got terribly ill, I would be unable to provide it with expensive care.  The only way I console myself to such a disservice is by reminding myself that she was a shelter cat.  She may or may not have been adopted, and will at least have an extraordinarily loving environment where she will be safe.   There are fates far worse out there.

My heart aches at the thought that I could be doing something irresponsible and wrong.

Troutfang Is A Warrior Cat

Besides the fact that she was found abandoned at a library, Troutfang is a fierce and fearless kitty!  Okay, maybe not entirely fearless, but it’s rare that she is dominated by her fear.  Loud noises, such as those the dishwasher or vacuum machine make, will startle her, but she will investigate once she recovers.

Furthermore, she is an insect killer!  I cannot tell you how pleased Shannon and I are.  We encourage her to kill the evil spiders that lurk in our apartment.  Thus far, she’s face two!  And they were quite demolished when she was done.  What a good little Troutfang!  Pretty soon, our need for men will be entirely minimal; what else are they useful for except lifting heavy objects and killing vermin and invasive insects?  Well, besides doing our bidding.  Cats are very willful like that…

Troutfang Is Precious!

Lengthy explanation is unnecessary.  See the photo below:

Troutfang on her back.

Sleeping on her back.

Also, she purrs like its her business when held, scratched,  played with, or near.  I can’t help but love this girl.

5-Card Story: “The Rest of the Day in Different Worlds”

Friday, February 11th, 2011

A 5-Card Story

I found this writing exercise via Jim Groom’s Digital Storytelling class.  Students find five photos and then create a story from them. Sounded like fun…

"Panzerfaust Attacke"


869 Paris-Marais

Photo by Voyageur Solitaire-mladjenovic_n

wallpaper - The ISLAND

Photo by balt-arts

Alice in Wonderland: White Rabbit - Who Killed Time?

Photo by Brandon Christopher Warren

Park – Parque del Campo Grande, Valladolid (Spain) HDR

Photo by marcp_dmoz

Today began as a battle.  My four year old son and I hiked the hill and strategized like generals, plotting the submission of the lake to our miniature, plastic forces.  We pursued conquest like hunting hounds until our stomachs began to growl, and we remembered that even the dogs of war must be fed.  His mother threw meat sandwiches into our yapping mouths, and reminded the pup he had homework.

While the afternoon was new, I shouldered my tan canvas messenger bag and took the long way to town, stopping now and then to sketch out the birds I saw chirping their calls from ancient yews and towering bay laurels.   My legs are strong, however, and carried me to the library within the hour.

I greeted the shopkeep, kippah firmly applied to his head, and spent the rest of the day in different worlds.

The first of my creations was floating continent, vast and mysterious.  Dragons lived in this world, and magic, and adventure beyond dreaming.  Steps there must be tread carefully.

The second was a place of time–of no time.  A place littered with clocks, all of them meaningless.  I met a girl there, with skin as pale as the surface of the moon, who talked of rabbits and played cards.

The third world was my favorite.  It is the world to which I always return.  For this one, I forsook words and simply drew, straining to capture the photograph in my head.  This world is a real one, and so more tantalizing.  I dream of taking my son to see the lake where I used to play.

Cat Brigade: The Taming of the Calico

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

The calico, thus far, is my favorite of the Cat Brigade.  The gender of this kitty is unknown, but I’ve been referring to it as a “she”, because its coat is so pretty and we all know that only girls can be pretty.

I’m trying to get her to come inside.  For one thing, she needs to be TNR’d (trap-neuter-return), and I’d prefer not to scare the crap out of her doing it.  Secondly, yesterday she was shivering like mad, which kills me!  I’d like to fashion a little bed for the cats with a bundle of rags on the porch, but as Shannon said, it’s far more likely they would just pee on them.  Yes, I could simply wash the bedding, but… ew.  And they would probably pee on them again.

I found out she has claws; I noticed them when she tried to paw at the wet fish food I put out.  I was a little worried she wouldn’t; if she’s going to be outdoors, she needs to be armed!

No nickname for her yet.  Maybe you could think of one?

Calico Face (1)

The Calico up-close!

Calico 2

Calico licking her paws.

There’s another cat that’s visited a couple times, which I simply call Tiger.  It’s the beautiful auburn fur, and his/her strut.  For some reason, I get the feeling this cat is doing fine outside.  He seems self-sufficient, a medium sized cat, and not worryingly thin.  However, he is very skittish of people.  He’s going to require a lot more effort to earn his trust.

Tiger 1

Tiger eating.

Crouching Tiger

Crouching Tiger!

Interesting update… Last night I peeked out the window to check if the kitties had come by for food, and was startled to see an orange cat looking back, just as surprised as me!  It ran off immediately, but for those couple seconds I had a good look at it’s head.  He looked a lot like Tiger, but I’m convinced it was a different cat.  His coloring was much lighter.  Could there be yet another stray roaming around out there?