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Troutfang: Warrior Cat

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Would you all please give a warm welcome to the newest member of the Ellis-Swanson household!

Troutfang the Warrior Cat

Troutfang the Warrior Cat

We met this little cutie at PetSmart after weeks of searching.  Shannon (visit her at Ludo Ergo Sum) and I did a lot of searching and emailing on Craigslist, although I was skeptical of getting a cat from there.  Ideally, I wanted a kitten or young cat that had already been spayed/neutered, was up-to-date on its shots, and litter box trained.  (Originally, I wanted the cat declawed, but I did my research and came around.) Hey, I’ve always had high standards.  Plus, I’m poor.  Not poor enough to be unable to care for and feed a cat, but perhaps too poor to provide a lot of veterinary care for it.

I feel pretty bad about that, frankly.  If this cat got terribly ill, I would be unable to provide it with expensive care.  The only way I console myself to such a disservice is by reminding myself that she was a shelter cat.  She may or may not have been adopted, and will at least have an extraordinarily loving environment where she will be safe.   There are fates far worse out there.

My heart aches at the thought that I could be doing something irresponsible and wrong.

Troutfang Is A Warrior Cat

Besides the fact that she was found abandoned at a library, Troutfang is a fierce and fearless kitty!  Okay, maybe not entirely fearless, but it’s rare that she is dominated by her fear.  Loud noises, such as those the dishwasher or vacuum machine make, will startle her, but she will investigate once she recovers.

Furthermore, she is an insect killer!  I cannot tell you how pleased Shannon and I are.  We encourage her to kill the evil spiders that lurk in our apartment.  Thus far, she’s face two!  And they were quite demolished when she was done.  What a good little Troutfang!  Pretty soon, our need for men will be entirely minimal; what else are they useful for except lifting heavy objects and killing vermin and invasive insects?  Well, besides doing our bidding.  Cats are very willful like that…

Troutfang Is Precious!

Lengthy explanation is unnecessary.  See the photo below:

Troutfang on her back.

Sleeping on her back.

Also, she purrs like its her business when held, scratched,  played with, or near.  I can’t help but love this girl.